Canister Vacuum | Bissell FeatherWeight Bagless Vacuum Review

Bissell FeatherWeight Bagless Vacuum Review


The Bissell FeatherWeight Bagless Vacuum is a great solution for everyday messes that need to be cleaned up right away. Weighing just 5 pounds, this vacuum is the perfect go-to vacuum when small messes occur. You can easily store this vacuum away into a closet or cabinet and pull it out when it is necessary. It is very versatile, working well on carpet, hard woods, and upholstery without a problem. This can be hard to find in stick vacuums, making this model truly stand out against competitors. The model comes equipped with a crevice tool, allowing you to clean hard-to-reach areas without the need to switch vacuums. The fact that this vacuum can be converted into a hand vacuum is a nice feature as well for cleaning small messes.


  • 1.2 amp motor delivers plenty of power for small clean up jobs
  • Includes 16-foot power cord for convenient cleaning
  • Works great on upholstery, carpets, and hard floors
  • Conveniently turns into a hand vacuum when desired
  • Comes with 1-year warranty to protect against defects

Customer Reviews

So many customers claim that the Bissell FeatherWeight Bagless Vacuum is a life saver when it comes to cleaning their home. Small messes and large ones alike are removed with this vacuum and done without a lot of money spent. The filter is so easy to clean, simply requiring that you dump most of the debris into the trash and pull the rest out with your hand. Many customers love how lightweight it is, allowing them to store it away anywhere that they please and use it with ease. It does not put a lot of unnecessary strain on your wrist or back while cleaning, making it easy to pick up messes without a lot of hassle. The capability to convert the vacuum into a hand vacuum is another nice feature that makes this vacuum really convenient.

Our Review

The Bissell FeatherWeight Bagless Vacuum stands out against other stick vacuums because of how well it works on a variety of flooring. Whether youre picking up crumbs, kitty litter, or dirt, this vacuum does wonders at removing them without a lot of work on your part. Cleaning furniture, tight corners, and stairs is a breeze due to the ability to convert into a hand vacuum. By switching the vacuum into this mode, you can easily remove any messes and make the vacuum much more convenient and easy to use. The 1.2 amp motor doesnt seem like much, but it is more than enough for the small messes that you will be removing with this particular vacuum.

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