Canister Vacuum | Miele S2120 Delphi Canister Vacuum Review

Miele S2120 Delphi Canister Vacuum Review



Weighing just 21 pounds total, the Miele S2120 Delphi Canister Vacuum is a fantastic choice for somebody desiring a canister designed vacuum. Many people get the misconception that canister models cannot offer good suction, but this one is excellent at picking up allergens and dirt without a problem. The adjustable suction is great since it allows you to change the power for curtains, carpet, and bare floors. The included tools allow you to clean hard to reach crevices, furniture, and a variety of other surfaces as well. The Powerbrush attachment is one of the most appealing features of this vacuum as it allows you to provide the deepest clean possible and takes away all of the hassle that comes with picking up stubborn particles and hair in thick carpet.


  • Powerbrush is excellent at picking up dirt and debris on plush carpet
  • Adjustable suction makes this vacuum easy to use on a variety of flooring
  • 3 large 360-degree wheels make maneuvering through rooms a breeze
  • 1200-watt vortex motor offers powerful suction for the most thorough clean
  • Comfortable handle keeps any stress off your wrist while cleaning
  • Includes 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews

Something customers bring up about this vacuum is how quiet it is while cleaning compared to similar models. This is fantastic news for somebody with young children and skiddish pets. Customers also love how well this vacuum works on a variety of floors. Attaching one of the tools makes cleaning a breeze, as you can thoroughly clean upholstery with one of the brush tools. Cleaning underneath furniture is a breeze due to the wand tool, allowing you to pick up dust and pet hair that has built up. Another thing customers rave about is how lightweight and easy this vacuum is to maneuver around. There is no need to move tons of furniture while cleaning, as you will be able to glide between everything and get underneath pieces without a problem.

Our Review

The Miele S2120 Delphi Canister Vacuum is a great vacuum for somebody that needs their home to be thoroughly cleaned, while still using a lightweight and manageable vacuum. The canister design is perfect for apartments and smaller homes, as you can simply lift it up while walking up stairs or drag it behind you while cleaning. The suction works great on a variety of surfaces, allowing you to do a thorough clean without a lot of stress on your back or wrist. Using the different attachments helps you get the best kind of clean for whatever surface you’re working on. Along with the excellent performance, this vacuum stands out because of its modern design and stylish appearance.

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Seeing a few pictures of the Miele S2120 Delphi Canister Vacuum will show you the actual size of the vacuum and help you make a good decision of whether or not it will be a good investment.

Miele S2120 Delphi Canister Vacuum

Miele S2120 Delphi Canister Vacuum