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Bissell Versus Bare-Floor Vacuum Review



Weighing just 12.8 pounds, the Bissell Versus Bare-Floor Vacuum is a fantastic vacuum to consider. Not only is the design easy to maneuver throughout the home, it offers an impressive suction as well. The brushless V-shape technology efficiently captures dirt and other debris that has come imbedded into the carpet or bare flooring. This is great news if you have an assortment of different flooring and you want to get a thorough clean everywhere. Lots of people select this particular vacuum because of the reputable brand name and the fact that it works so great while cleaning. It is designed specifically for bare floors, easily picking up dirt and other marks on the flooring that is stubborn. The included 1-year limited warranty is especially nice as it ensures you get peace of mind in the chance that your vacuum has a malfunction of some kind.


  • Bagless design saves you money and ensures you can clean in a snap
  • V-shaped base makes it easy to maneuver through tight spaces
  • Stretch hose and crevice tool are ideal for cleaning small crevices in the home
  • Pre-motor filter helps reduce allergens, pollen, and dust from the carpet and air
  • Includes 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews

There are a number of things customers love about the Bissell Versus Bare-Floor Vacuum. Not only is it specifically designed to clean hardwood, tile, and vinyl flooring, it is upright so that it is easy to push and maneuver throughout the home. The v-shaped base is a favorite of customers because it makes cleaning such an easy chore to complete. The fact that it is bagless is another nice touch as it doesn’t require you to spend money on replacements and you can empty out the canister very easily. Customers also love how there is no roller underneath since they often become tangled with hair and other particles. The price is also quite attractive for the quality of the vacuum that is received.

Our Review

Many people select the Bissell Versus Bare-Floor Vacuum because of how well it works on bare floors. The name Bissell is recognized as delivering the highest quality in suction and ease of use. Instead of needing to fumble with different vacuums for bare floor, this one can deliver a very good suction. Many people have a hard time cleaning messes on bare flooring and think the only option is sweeping with a broom than following up with a mop. This vacuum is designed specifically for bare floor, like the name implies, and makes the job very easy. The v-shaped base gets into tight crevices and helps remove any mess that has built up. The 1-year limited warranty is a nice touch as it ensures your vacuum will be in working order for a long time to come, rather than needing to worry about defects arising.

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Seeing the Bissell Versus Bare-Floor Vacuum in pictures may be just the thing to push you to make a purchase for your home.

Bissell Versus Bare-Floor Vacuum

Bissell Versus Bare-Floor Vacuum