Canister Vacuum | Dyson 12446-02 DC21 Canister Vacuum Review

Dyson 12446-02 DC21 Canister Vacuum Review



The Dyson 12446-02 DC21 Canister Vacuum is a great choice for homes with thick carpet or pets. This is due to the powerful suction the vacuum provides thanks to the Root12Cycle technology incorporated into the vacuum. Dyson vacuums are great for spinning air at high speeds and pulling the dirt and debris into the bin, instead of spreading it onto the floors again. The on-board tools make cleaning a variety of surfaces easy, so there is no need to worry about being able to clean surfaces and different flooring. The foot controlled settings are great, as you can simply press a button and have the vacuum customized to your needs.


  • Canister design is both lightweight and powerful
  • Equipped with lifetime guaranteed HEPA filter and clean air exhaust
  • Designed small for compact and convenient storage
  • On/off brush bar is perfect for thoroughly cleaning carpet flooring
  • Comes with 6-month warranty

Customer Reviews

Something that customers bring up time and time again is how excellent the suction this vacuum is. Nicknamed ‘the vacuum that doesn’t lose suction’, it’s no wonder that this is an appealing model for those that desire quality. Many people enjoy using this vacuum in homes with pets because it ensures they can suck up allergens and hair without any strain on the vacuum itself. While many people notice their vacuum losing power after a moderate amount of work, this vacuum is sure to last you a long time to come. The included attachments are also very nice as they let you clean a variety of surfaces without a problem. Having the long power cord is great for cleaning large rooms without the need to plug in and out different outlets.

Our Review

Dyson continues to be a leading brand when it comes to canister vacuums because of the powerful suction and long lifetime as well. The Dyson 12446-02 DC21 Canister Vacuum is a fantastic vacuum to consider due to its lightweight canister size and intelligent design. While some customers say that it feels a bit heavy, this is really due to the vacuum possessing a very powerful motor. Instead of needing to worry about the vacuum dying out shortly after purchasing it, you can expect the vacuum to give you quality performance no matter how much mess and pet hair you are cleaning. The on-board tools, powerful motor, and lightweight design all make this a great choice.

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Seeing pictures of the Dyson 12446-02 DC21 Canister Vacuum is a great way to determine if this vacuum will be a good fit for your storage space and home cleaning needs.

Dyson 12446-02 DC21 Canister Vacuum

Dyson 12446-02 DC21 Canister Vacuum