Canister Vacuum | Hoover WindTunnel Anniversary Upright Vacuum Review

Hoover WindTunnel Anniversary Upright Vacuum Review



The Hoover WindTunnel Anniversary Upright Vacuum is a great choice for homeowners that need a vacuum that will consistently work well on a variety of flooring. The upright design ensures you can clean for large periods of time without feeling a lot of strain on your back from bending over. A lot of people also choose this vacuum because of how well it traps allergens and debris. Instead of needing to empty out a canister when full, you simply throw aside the bag and put a new one in. This ensures you do not distribute dirt and other particles back into the air. The HEPA filtration system is essential for those who suffer from allergies and need a truly deep clean of the floor. The bag indicator will light up when you need to get a replacement, making this a very convenient and easy to use vacuum.


  • Upright design makes it easy to maneuver without any strain on back or wrist
  • Bagged ensures dirt and particles stay inside the bag when replacing
  • Traps allergens and pollen with HEPA filtration system
  • DirtFinder system helps you get the most thorough clean possible
  • On-board tools are great for cleaning a variety of surfaces
  • Includes 3-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews

There are a number of things that stand out about the Hoover WindTunnel Anniversary Upright Vacuum. The suction is powerful and works great on a variety of flooring and customers love the dirt finder system. Using this feature allows you to thoroughly clean the floor and the alert system will let you know when you can stop vacuuming. The design is very lightweight as well, being right around 5 lbs lighter than the self-propelled version. Customers also love how quiet this vacuum is, allowing you to clean with small children and animals in the home.

Our Review

The Hoover WindTunnel Anniversary Upright Vacuum is a fantastic investment for a homeowner that wants a bagged vacuum cleaner which works efficiently and is easy to use. The ergonomic D-grip handle makes it a breeze to clean for long periods without any unnecessary strain on the wrist or back. Hoover has incorporated their patented WindTunnel in this vacuum, allowing you to receive powerful suction time and time again. This is great news for somebody looking to vacuum a variety of flooring types without a lot of difficulty. The HEPA filter is also a nice touch as it removes allergens that can be harmful to those with asthma. The 3-year limited warranty seals the deal, making this vacuum a fantastic choice for just about any home needing an upright vacuum.

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Seeing pictures of the Hoover WindTunnel Anniversary Upright Vacuum can help you decide if this would be the right purchase for your kind of cleaning needs.

Hoover WindTunnel Anniversary Upright Vacuum

Hoover WindTunnel Anniversary Upright Vacuum