Canister Vacuum | Panasonic Vacuum Ltwt Canister Nic Review

Panasonic Vacuum Ltwt Canister Nic Review



The Panasonic Vacuum Ltwt Canister Nic remains to be one of the most popular choices for vacuums because it is very compact. The fact that the vacuum is lightweight means that you can carry the canister up and down stairs without any problem. While it is very small, the motor is very powerful so there is no need to worry about the suction being poor. This vacuum works great on a variety of floors and can pick up any dirt or debris that may be present.


  • Canister design makes it easy to carry throughout the home
  • On-board attachments are perfect for thorough cleaning
  • Telescopic wand reaches high hard to get to places
  • Powerful suction on a variety of flooring

Customer Reviews

One of the things people rave about the most when it comes to this vacuum is how lightweight it is. This allows you to walk through your home without worrying about needing to pick up a heavy vacuum with your every move. You simply need to focus on the hose and the vacuum trails shortly behind you. While it is very small, the vacuum is perfect for cleaning homes with pet hair and for anybody with allergens. The vacuum can be used on carpet and hard wood floors alike, making it so easy to clean. Customers also enjoy the European-style where it can reach into corners and underneath furniture without a problem.

Our Review

The price and the design is what initially draws people into picking up this vacuum, but customers are rarely disappointed with what they get. The lightweight design is great if you need to carry it up stairs for cleaning or simply don’t want to bother with the old, bulky designs of outdated models. While it is a small vacuum, the suction performance is very nice- perfect for anywhere that may have pet hair. There is no brush roll, meaning that you cannot get it tangled from hair and other debris. A lot of people are also fans of this vacuum because it makes reaching hard to get to places easy. You can use the wand and on-board attachments to clean underneath places and up in high cabinets. Using this vacuum will ensure that you can clean your home thoroughly without putting a lot of strain on your back in the process.

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Checking out a few pictures of this vacuum can help you determine whether or not the design and style will be a good fit for your home.

Panasonic Vacuum Ltwt Canister Nic

Panasonic Vacuum Ltwt Canister Nic